Constitutional reform 'crucial' for Bosnia-Herzegovina

Political 'stalemate' preventing Bosnia-Herzegovina's growth, says Doris Pack.

By Doris Pack MEP

20 Feb 2014

The current political stalemate prevents Bosnia-Herzegovina from developing its economy and providing a stable and prosperous future for its citizens. Local politicians must cooperate in the interest of the whole country. Another crucial factor for the country's European future is to amend the constitution to adopt the ruling by the European court of human rights in the Sejdic-Finci case.

Constitutional reform is crucial to turn Bosnia-Herzegovina into a modern and efficient federal state. To achieve any progress on its path towards the EU, the country's political leaders need to find a way to cooperate and progress on the reform path.

It is deplorable that 18 years after the end of the war, Bosnia-Herzegovina has not made many steps forward and is lagging behind other countries in the region thanks to its leaders.

The recent violent acts by all sides involved are unacceptable, but the people's protests should be heard. Non-peaceful demonstrations devalue the people's demands. These demands are fully legitimate.

[pullquote]High unemployment, economic stagnation, corruption and most importantly the lack of interest from the country's political leaders to consolidate and develop the common state are causing public dissatisfaction and this is very well understood[/pullquote].

Citizens have the right to express all their aspirations through peaceful means and the authorities have no right to impede them. These events are a wake-up call which should be heard by the country's political leaders and should lead to better and more responsible governance.

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