Commission to launch new aid data web tool

The European commission is to launch a new web tool which will allow users to access data on the EU's humanitarian aid around the world.

14 Apr 2014

The European commission is to launch a new web tool which will allow users to access data on the EU's development aid around the world.

The so-called 'EU aid explorer' forms part of the commission's efforts to increase transparency and improve accountability in its aid delivery.

According to a recent study, also expected to be presented at the event, the EU and its member states are leading the way in terms of improving transparency regarding their development effectiveness.

European development commissioner Andris Piebalgs said, "The EU is the biggest donor in the world, and is committed to increasing the effectiveness of its aid.

"In such times of economic downturn, we need to make the most of the resources and ensure the maximum impact of our aid.

"This comes by respecting some key principles such as putting our partners in the driving seat of their own development; focusing on results; being more transparent and better coordinating our actions," explained the Latvian official.

He continued, "The EU is recognised as one of the most transparent donors, and is making good progress on donor coordination. We are also working to focus more on results.

"The new EU aid explorer will help to further increase transparency on what we do and improve accountability to citizens, both in the EU and developing countries.

"At the global partnership for effective development cooperation meeting, which will bring together all partners and donors, the EU will confirm its commitments to continue to make aid effectiveness a reality on the ground."

International cooperation, humanitarian aid and crisis response commissioner Kristalina Georgieva also commented, saying, "The European Union is the world's primary donor of aid. With size comes responsibility and the EU takes seriously its duties towards its citizens, who make possible this remarkable expression of solidarity with the world's neediest and most vulnerable people.

"Making information simple and fast to access on how and for what purposes EU aid funding is spent enhances global cooperation among our peers in the donor community.

"But," she urged, "It's even more important that EU aid explorer will enable us to fulfil our commitment to transparency. It is our guarantee that we are accountable to all the EU taxpayers who make this generosity possible."

The EU aid explorer is set to be launched at the high level meeting of the global partnership for effective development cooperation in Mexico on Tuesday.