Bulgarian EU Council presidency will work to overhaul migration policy

Bulgaria will focus on overhauling EU migration policy, says Emil Radev.

Emil Radev Photo credit: European Parliament audiovisual

By Emil Radev

Emil Radev (BG, EPP) is a shadow rapporteur for Parliament’s Sustainable Corporate Governance report

02 Jan 2018

One of the Bulgarian EU Council presidency's main priorities is security and stability.

More specifically, Bulgaria will seek consensus and joint efforts on asylum and migration policies.

I believe that it will work towards finding long-lasting and fair solutions to the benefit of all member states, while removing the rule whereby the first EU country of entry is solely responsible for asylum applicants.


In other words, the presidency will have the difficult task of completely overhauling the current asylum legislation.

Furthermore, it will seek to improve the efficiency of the EU return and readmission policies. Most migrants arriving in the EU are not fleeing wars or conflicts, and do not have the right to stay on our territory. Based on individual assessments, they need to be returned to the country of origin.

However, for this happen, the EU needs signed and implemented new readmission agreements with key partners in Africa and Asia.

Finally, the presidency will continue to strengthen the EU's external borders - an important element in reducing illegal migration. The full operationalisation of Frontex will be crucial in this respect.

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