Brexit: UK will have brighter future outside EU

Exiting the EU will give the UK a richer stake in society, argues Diane Dodds.
Diane Dodds | Photo credit: European Parliament audiovisual

By Diane Dodds

16 Jun 2016

We believe that not only is there a brighter future outside the EU, but a more prosperous one too. The UK currently gifts the EU over £9bn every year without getting a penny in return.

Investing this money in our schools, our hospitals and our roads would lead to a better connected and more cohesive society for all.

Brexit would also allow us to treat those who wish to come to the UK from inside and outside the EU equally and grant access on a level playing field. It would restore national control of our borders and ensure that decisions we take to protect the public are not subject to the diktats of EU courts.


The economy has rightly been at the heart of the referendum debate. Some theorise about what the UK's exit would mean for job creation and employment opportunities of our young people. 

What is certain is that in every year since the UK joined the EU, unemployment has been higher than before, dating back to 1940. We in the DUP do not want this to be the extent of our ambitions. 

By removing red tape, freeing business growth and investing in education and skills, we believe that a future outside the European Union will give everyone a greater and richer stake in society.


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