Brexit: Through EU membership, Wales has a say in international affairs

The best way to tackle global challenges is by uniting with our European partners, writes Jill Evans.
Jill Evans | Photo credit: European Parliament audiovisual

By Jill Evans

16 Jun 2016

Wales benefits from EU membership economically, socially, culturally and environmentally. Plaid Cymru believes that Wales' natural home is in Europe.

We want to build a strong economy and a successful nation and we can best do that within the EU. This referendum is about empowering Wales by remaining a participant in one of the world's most progressive communities. 

Through EU membership, Wales has a say in international affairs. We believe in uniting, not dividing people.


It is with our European partners that we can best tackle the problems of climate change, the steel crisis and the refugee crisis. We can continue to improve human rights and workers' rights. 

Plaid Cymru works with the European Free Alliance and other progressive movements for a more democratic and effective EU, in the same way we work for an independent Wales. 

We have a vision of the kind of nation and the kind of Europe we want. We have to be part of Europe to change Europe.

The EU is a remarkable achievement. It has given us all the freedom to live, travel and work anywhere in Europe. We have all benefitted from that. 

I want my grandchildren to share those benefits and to see Wales in a European and global context. It's about seeing the bigger picture.


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