5 Questions with... Niels Fuglsang

Niels Fuglsang (DK, S&D) is a member of Parliament‘s Industry, Research and Energy Committee and the Delegation to China.
Niels Fuglsang | Photo credit: European Parliament Audiovisual

1. Who have you have worked with that has most inspired you in your career, and how?

I worked as an assistant in the European Parliament for MEP Dan Jørgensen, who is the current climate minister in Denmark. He has influenced me enormously when it comes to my view on climate change as an urgent matter which we cannot postpone but need to deal with right away. Dan has recently negotiated a 70 percent CO2 reduction by 2030 target for Denmark. I am proud of his work and I hope it can inspire the EU when we negotiate the European climate law.

2. How would you describe your political/leadership style in three words?

Idealistic, sustainable, and solidary

3. What was the most inspirational and influential book you have read and why?

John Williams’ “Stoner” is a book that has meant a lot to me. It reminds us not to waste our time and to go for the chances that we are offered instead of just accepting whatever injustice and mediocrity that life may throw at us.

4. What one item would you save from your home if it were on fire? (Apart from your photo album)

Actually, my upstairs neighbour recently set his kitchen on fire, and so we had to leave my apartment quite fast when we realised the building was burning. So it’s not a hypothetical question for me. As it turned out, I only grabbed my jacket, keys and phone and hurried out when we had made sure the other apartments in the building were empty. No one got hurt, and we called the firefighters who showed up in no time and had it under control.

5. What do you do in your free time to relax and unwind?

We have a family house in the country side in north western Denmark. It is in the middle of a Nature 2000 area (good work, EU!), full of forests and beaches facing the rough and amazing North Sea - it is also without a decent mobile connection. I go there when I can to unwind and just unplug. I do a number of sports, including sailing. In fact I am a member of a sailing club with some good friends. I find that the seas are a great place for unwinding and unplugging.

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