5 Questions with... Atidzhe Alieva-Veli

Atidzhe Alieva-Veli (BG, RE) is a vice-chair of Parliament’s delegation to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Atidzhe Alieva-Veli | Photo credit: European Parliament Audiovisual

1 How would you describe your political/leadership style in three words?

Respective, responsible, fair

2 What is the smallest change you have made in your career that has had the biggest positive result?

I have learned to smile even when I am overloaded, tired and even when it seems there is no solution for an issue.

That has brought a tremendous change in my career and personal life. Smiling has a number of positive effects for the body and soul and that has been regularly proven by research.

Moreover, putting a smile on your face not only generates positive benefits for you, but can enrich the lives of those around you.

I am sure that many people have realised that smiling is contagious; people tend to lighten up when others in their environment are also smiling, it is human nature to reflect the emotions of others, so we should make sure it is a positive one.

3 What do you do in your free time to relax and unwind?

I am a proud mum. When not occupied with political and work duties, I am trying to dedicate as much time as possible to my family and in particular my son.

I believe that my presence in his life is of the utmost importance for his personal development and shaping his character and habits.

We enjoy every single minute spent together, doing the things we like.

It is great when, even for a bit, I can disconnect from my busy work life and immerse myself in in the world of carefree childhood together with my four-year old son.

4 What is the most humbling thing you have experienced in your career?

The most humbling thing for me is meeting people all over my country and abroad, listening to their problems, hopes and dreams.

Learning more about their struggles and successes, I think this is the only way we can see the real picture and have a real understanding of the needs of the people and businesses.

I can say that this is something that keeps me always down to earth.

5 What was the most inspirational and influential book you have read and why?

It is difficult to say which is the most inspirational book, but I can say that one of them is The Little Prince.

The main idea is the importance of looking beneath the surface to find the real truth and meaning of something.

No matter how many times I read it, it seems that I always find something new.

Even although the book was written almost a century ago, it contains many life lessons and perspectives that can still be applied to our everyday life today.

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