The Parliament Magazine's August Issue

The August edition of The Parliament, focusing on innovation in Europe, is now available to read online

For The Parliament’s August issue, we looked at Europe’s efforts to become a better version of itself, to bring new ideas to the table and prepare for the future - in short, to innovate.

With such a broad theme, there was much to talk about. One way in which the European Union is planning for the future is through securing access to critical raw materials, needed for its green transition.

To decarbonize its mobility sector, Europe will need to boost its use of electric vehicles. For that, it’s in dire need of lithium. Can the continent ensure its supply keeps up with demand? Add to that the fact that nearly all lithium processing today occurs in China and you have a deeply fascinating look at the Continent’s efforts to secure its future – to be found in our policy section.

Our cover feature looks at another way in which the mobility sector could soon change: through the introduction of the high-speed, low-emissions technology known as hyperloop. While there are some concerns still to be addressed before hyperloop systems can be widely implemented throughout the Continent, as our reporter shows, technology is already tested in several European countries.

Our various opinion pieces bring forward interesting arguments on improving our future – through making tech sustainable and collaborative, through better understanding disinformation and even lower roaming fares.

Happy reading!