The June 2023 edition of The Parliament Magazine

The June edition of The Parliament is now available to read online for free

If you happen to still have an old iPhone in a drawer at home somewhere, you might notice that while the phone itself is not broken its incompatibility with the latest Apple software update still renders it unusable. You'd be left with no choice but to throw away your old phone and get yourself a new phone. 

The June edition of The Parliament puts the spotlight on circular economy. Green MEP Anna Cavazzini dives into the "right to repair, through which consumers could repair and reuse gadgets rather than discard and replace. And in our cover feature, Gabriele Rosana bring you behind the scenes at how companies in Europe have been using unsubstantiated environmental claims to market their products — and the man who's fighting to hold them accountable. You can also read about France's agriculture sector and learn what EU officials bring home the bacon. 

Our newest issue is available to read online and in print. We hope you enjoy.