Issue 536 | 24 May 2021

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Gracing this issue’s cover is Greens/EFA deputy Tilly Metz, a long-time advocate for animal rights. The Luxembourg-born MEP tells Deputy Editor Lorna Hutchinson about how she is working to create a Europe that focuses on less-but-better animal farming and one that faces up to the climate crisis while factoring in sustainability. Animal Farm 2.0: Pages 20-25

In our first feature we look at how, in the wake of the COVID pandemic, the EU is re-energising its efforts to eradicate the scourge of cancer. Co-chair of Parliament’s MEPs against Cancer (MAC) interest group, Loucas Fourlas argues that at a minimum, the EU needs to be spending double the amount it currently spends on cancer research, while fellow co-chair Véronique Trillet-Lenoir comments on why the European Commission’s proposals to strengthen early detection and its review on screening should be welcomed. Meanwhile, MAC co-vice-chair Sara Cerdas says that with a worrying backlog of potential cancer diagnoses, thanks to the pandemic, it’s vital that Europe implements its ‘Beating Cancer Plan’ quickly and fully and Belgian Greens/EFA deputy Sara Matthieu discusses the key role that Europe’s cancer nurses play in raising awareness of prevention and screening programmes. European Week against Cancer: Pages 26-33

We also look at what French Greens MEP Damien Carême calls ‘a pivotal moment for tax justice’ in our feature on Digital Taxation. Carême argues that Europe must rise to the occasion and follow US president Joe Biden’s lead on reforming corporate taxation, particularly for digital giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. Fellow shadow rapporteur on Parliament’s INI report on the issue, Niels Fuglsang highlights the fact that while the incomes of companies such as those above have often quadrupled or more, their share of taxes hasn’t and that needs to change. German EPP deputy Andreas Schwab meanwhile argues that the EU should strongly support the ongoing negotiations, on reforming the international tax system, in the OECD. Digital Taxation: Pages 36-41

Elsewhere we have Finnish deputy Henna Virkkunen explaining why she believes the EU needs to be more open to innovation, investment and new ideas in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ECR Group MEP Anna Fotyga and Greens/EFA member Alviina Alametsä on why the EU needs to update its Arctic Policy, in the face of growing Sino-Russian cooperation in the region.

MEPs Josianne Cutajar and Anjelika Winzing look at what needs to be done to support Europe’s SMEs in coming out of the COVID crisis stronger and more resilient, while Irish EPP deputy Colm Markey answers this issue’s 5Qs. 5 Questions with… Page 42