Issue 526 | 7 December 2020

This year’s MEP Awards host, Bulgarian EPP deputy Eva Maydell, graces the cover of this issue. Along with Parliament Magazine Managing Editor Brian Johnson, Maydell presented an evening of accolades, surprise guests, quizzes and prizes in celebration of the European Parliament’s hardworking deputies and their staff. Read all about the festivities inside.

In our first feature, we look at the Digital Services Act. Rapporteur Alex Agius Saliba (MT, S&D), shadow rapporteur Alexandra Geese (DE, Greens/EFA), and STOA Panel member Marina Kaljurand (EE, S&D) explain how this landmark piece of legislation could level the digital playing field.

In our second feature, we bring you the latest developments in the race to roll out COVID-19 vaccines. Featuring German physician Peter Liese (DE, EPP) and fellow ENVI Committee member Tilly Metz (LU, Greens/EFA) on Europe’s plan to deliver vaccines across the continent, while our own Martin Banks reports on global efforts.

Elsewhere, CULT Committee Vice-Chair Dace Melbārde (LV, ECR) discusses the opportunities for improving education post-pandemic, while shadow rapporteur for Parliament’s More Sustainable Single Market report, Sandro Gozi (FR, RE), details how sustainability can be embedded throughout Europe’s economy.

Also inside: The Disability Intergroup of the European Parliament discusses the upcoming EU Disability Rights Strategy, Victor Negrescu (RO, S&D) talks about the Circular Economy, while  Co-Chair of Parliament’s LGBTI Intergroup, Marc Angel (LU, S&D), and Co-Chair of MEPs for SRR, Sophie in ‘t Veld (NL, RE), look at how LGBTI rights and access to HIV/AIDS treatment is being threatened across the globe.

Parliament’s shadow rapporteurs of the Shortage of Medicines – How to Address an Emerging Problem report, Alessandra Moretti (IT, S&D) and Michèle Rivasi (FR, Greens/EFA), call for a European Health Union to address medicine shortages, and Tomáš Zdechovský (CZ, EPP) looks at the EU’s partnership with Maldives.

Finally, the Chair of Parliament’s Special Committee on Beating Cancer, Bartosz Arłukowicz (PL, EPP), and members, Véronique Trillet-Lenoir (RE, FR) and Kateřina Konečná (CZ, GUE/NGL), explain how Europe can win the fight against cancer if everyone works together to achieve this common goal.

Answering our five questions this issue is Spanish S&D MEP Nacho Sánchez Amor.