Issue 415 | 29 June 2015

Circular economy, EU-China relations, Transport and more...

Parliament's rapporteur Sirpa Pietikäinen kicks off our cover story on the circular economy, saying "it would benefit both our economy and our environment". More importantly, "we don't really have a choice", seeing as, "we already consume some 1.5 planets worth of resources every single year". We also hear from the shadow rapporteurs, who all agree that implementing the circular economy is a matter of urgency.
We also have a trio of commissioners lined up for our special feature on 40 years of EU-China relations, as well as the Chinese ambassador to the EU. As you'll see throughout these pages, the relationship between Beijing and Brussels is more important than ever ahead of crucial climate talks in Paris and the upcoming EU-China summit.
And, last but not least, parliament's rapporteur on the 2011 white paper on transport Wim van de Camp outlines how to truly help the sector reach its full potential.