Is Europe Sacrificing its Tech Leadership? What is at stake with the EU's new patent regulation

Co-hosted by MEP Ivan ŠTEFANEC (EPP, Slovakia) and MEP Adrián VÁZQUEZ LÁZARA (Renew, Spain)

Is Europe sacrificing its tech leadership?

The European Commission’s recent proposal for a new licensing framework for standard-essential patents has drawn significant interest. The proposed regulation will impact Europe’s competitiveness and leadership in setting global technology standards, namely in the development of next-gen connectivity standards like 6G.

In order to ensure this continued EU leadership in global standards, it is essential to strengthen the incentives to innovate and to contribute to standardisation, especially mobile connectivity standards. Without standards there is no rapid increase in cellular performance, and no ubiquitous connectivity, putting consumer benefits at risk. Strong participation in the development of international cellular standards is thus key for the digital goals of the EU and its technological sovereignty.

The discussion will touch upon these topics and how to achieve a fair and balanced standard essential patent licensing system that is transparent, predictable and efficient.

Please note this is an invitation only dinner debate.

Date & time
18/10/2023 - 18/10/2023
European Parliament, Strasbourg
European Parliament, Strasbourg, Le salon du restaurant des députés