2024: The Ultimate Election Year

The biggest election year in history is upon us, with more than 1.5 billion people set to vote in a record-breaking number of national elections.

With the UK, EU and USA going to the polls, the possibility of a change in leadership on both sides of the Channel and across the Atlantic has the potential for enormous impact on international relationships in the future.

In this free-to-attend webinar, the Editors of our leading political and public sector titles The House, PoliticsHome, Civil Service World and The Parliament in Brussels will join Total Politics CEO and political journalist Mark Wallace, to offer commentary on the impact of the elections and potential results at both home and abroad.

Topics will include:

•    What is the likely outcome of the UK election – is it a done deal?
•    What would a Starmer government prioritise if it came to power?
•    What could different outcomes of the UK election mean to the Civil Service?
•    Will 2024 herald a new beginning for EU-UK relations?
•    How could election results in the EU and the U.S. impact NATO solidarity and Western support for Ukraine?
•    How would a potential surge from the far-right within the EU Parliament impact the stability of the continent?

Date & time
28/2/2024 - 14:00 (GMT)