MEP Awards 2014: A word from the sponsors

Written by Kayleigh Rose Lewis on 25 February 2014 in Video

The MEP Award sponsors explain why it is important to recognise the work of parliament's deputies.

On 18th March The Parliament Magazine hosts it's 10th MEP Awards in the sumptuous surroundings of the Concert Noble in Brussels on Tuesday 18 March, shortly before the parliamentary elections.

This year's awards will not only recognise the hard work done by MEPs in the past year, but over the past parliamentary term.

We hope that once again, the MEP awards can act as a showcase on the often unreported efforts and achievement of our European parliamentarians, and also in some small way help to bring Europe that little bit closer to its citizens.

Last year's awards were a real highlight of the Brussels calendar - not just for the MEPs who were rewarded for their efforts with a Parliament Magazine gong - but also for the hundreds of guests who turned out to show their support. More than 300 people came together to raise their glasses in well-deserved recognition of the hard work of parliament's deputies.

We look forward to seeing you all once more for another night to remember on 18 March. Visit the MEP Awards website for more:

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