EU-Oman: Changing Mindsets

Written by Khalil Al Khonji on 29 March 2019 in Opinion

The business world is dynamic and evolving; the ability of Oman’s entrepreneurial community to respond to challenges will determine its future success, explains Khalil Al Khonji.

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My grandfather, a well-known businessman, organised the first Khonji Majlis session in the 1920s.

He and my father both understood, and passed the knowledge on to me, that success in any business collaboration will ultimately depend on the health of the business community at large: one supports one’s own business by supporting the business community.

In this light, I started to include business people from other markets to understand better which opportunities could be introduced to the Omani economy and society.


The Khonji Majlis philosophy is that socioeconomic progressiveness is based on the societal mindset. As the world changes, the ability of the local community - both Omanis and residents from abroad - to adapt, cooperate and respond appropriately for the benefit of our economic community is vital.

These characteristics begin with progressive thinking and lead to positive transformation, which in turn leads to sustainable economic prosperity.

Transformation as a socioeconomic movement has the potential to bring about positive, vibrant, vision-driven and ground-breaking success in business practices.

The implementation of these ideas generated by the transformation movement requires - above all else - a new outlook and a fresh perspective in the business mindset.

“Transformation as a socioeconomic movement has the potential to bring about positive, vibrant, vision-driven and ground-breaking success in business practices”

Oman needs to understand that evolving corporate legislation will enforce stability by bringing about greater accountability, structure and cooperation.

In essence, we have been given a more stable platform for encouraging creativity, success and reliable growth. The business community’s response has been a gradual - but fundamental - shift in strategy, operations and worldview.

The Khonji Majlis’ commitment is to progressive socioeconomic development through open communication, adaptive thinking and support for the business community by offering a multitude of perspectives.

This plays an important part in the transformation movement.

About the author

Khalil Al Khonji is Chairman of Al Khonji Group and former Chairman of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He regularly organises so-called ‘majlis’ meetings, informal gatherings with a selected group of business community members to discuss and explore new thoughts, ideas and principles.

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