Theresa May meets with Roberto Gualtieri on Brexit

Written by Martin Banks on 9 February 2018 in News

S&D group Brexit spokesperson Roberto Gualtieri has intimated that Brexiteers should not be concerned about the UK having to follow EU rules drawn up during a post-Brexit transition period as it is “technically very unlikely” there will be time for any to be introduced.

Roberto Gualtieri | Photo credit: European Parliament audiovisual

Gualtieri, who chairs Parliament’s economic and monetary affairs committee, was speaking after meeting UK Prime Minister Theresa May in London on Thursday.

He suggested that the timescale was too tight for the UK to be forced to implement rules drawn up while it is not a member state.

A draft document leaked on Wednesday suggested any post-Brexit dispute could mean UK benefits being suspended in the transition period after Brexit.


The meeting between May and Gualtieri was the second in of a series of engagements with key representatives from the European Parliament.

Gualtieri also met with the UK Brexit Secretary David Davis, finance minister Philip Hammond and interior minister Amber Rudd earlier in the day.

David Davis said the UK will seek an “appropriate process” to object to any new laws introduced during the period.

May and Gualtieri discussed the Brexit negotiations, with both said to recognise the importance of the terms of the implementation period being agreed by the March European Council.

A Downing Street spokesperson said, “The Prime Minister also set out her vision for a bold and close economic partnership with the EU in the future. Gualtieri highlighted his appreciation of the Prime Minister’s speech in Florence which he attended.”

On citizens’ rights, May and Gualtieri were said to agree that “certainty should be given to people and businesses as soon as possible.”

They also agreed on the importance of avoiding a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.


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