Philippe Lamberts launches blistering attack on UK Premier Theresa May

Written by Martin Banks on 26 March 2019 in News

Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts has made scathing comments about UK Prime Minister Theresa May, saying she “must be devoid of the basic human skills needed for a leader.”

Philippe Lamberts | Photo credit: European Parliament Audiovisual

Speaking at a news briefing in Strasbourg on Tuesday, the Greens co-leader added, “That is scary.”

He was speaking in Parliament with no sign yet of a breakthrough in the current Brexit impasse.

Lamberts told reporters he was “not horrified” by the idea of the UK remaining in the EU, adding “that is our fervent wish. If they want to stay that is fine with us.”


The outspoken MEP said, “You can disagree with the UK about a lot of things, but Europe is not just about having people who are like minded. Otherwise, we would just have 7 percent of the public with us.”

He also addressed the possibility of Britain participating in the European elections in May, saying, “If the UK is still an EU member on the date of the elections it will participate. Mrs May says it would be disastrous to go into the elections but what she neglected to say is that it will be disastrous for her party.”

He said the “only deal” possible is the Withdrawal Agreement, adding, “this is not May’s deal but our deal, agreed by the UK and EU. It is the only game in town, if you want to talk about Norway plus or anything else.”

He noted the reaction of Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, or “Mr Nice Guy” as he called him, after last week’s EU summit in Brussels.

“Mrs May says it would be disastrous to go into the [European] elections, but what she neglected to say is that it will be disastrous for her party” Philippe Lamberts MEP

Lamberts said, “When you listen to what he had to say when he left the council and the fact that he was upset with Mrs May then you must conclude that she is devoid of the basic human skills needed for a leader.”

As well as Theresa May, he was also critical of British MPs, saying, “Too many politicians have put too much political capital in this process.”

He warned, though, that “Revocation of Article 50, in other words no Brexit, would smell badly for many British citizens and, while I sympathise with the anti-Brexit marchers at the weekend you would need a second referendum to reunite the country.”

“If you want a second referendum the UK would also need to take part in the European elections.”

He said the onus is now on “the UK government to make up its mind. Running down the clock and scaring people has failed. My hope is that the UK government will find a majority for a workable option. After that, the UK government has to do what it can to make this happen.”

He added, “If there is one lesson we have learned from all this it is Mrs May’s attitude and her failure to factor in what others think and her failure to forge any trust in her own cabinet and also in the Commons.”

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