Issue 495 | 20 May 2019

Written by The Parliament Magazine on 20 May 2019 in Magazines

Having just taken on his fellow contenders in the Brussels Spitzenkandidat debate, Manfred Weber graces the cover of our special issue previewing the European Elections. The frontrunner explains why the future of Europe “is what happens at the centre of the political landscape” and not on the far right or left.

Also contributing are senior figures from the major political groups, including; Joseph Daul, Udo Bullman, Peter Van Dalen, Dominique Riquet, Kostadinka Kuneva and Nigel Farage.

With Europe’s minorities underrepresented in EU politics, MEP candidates Alice Bah Kuhnke, Raoul Boucke, and Kim Smouter tell us why it’s time to challenge the status quo. Writing from a business perspective, Polish EESC member Jacek Krawczyk discusses the importance of voting.

Elly Schlein and Bogusław Sonik share their perspectives on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Dita Charanzová and Gunnar Hökmark give us their takes on how the EU’s Single Market and competition policy can be improved. Our Thought Leader is brought to us by European Aluminium's Gerd Götz, who explains how the aluminium sector is helping Europe decarbonise. Plus, we look at human rights concerns in Saudi Arabia, and how to counter the rise of racist parties.

We also preview EU Maritime Day, with the head of the Commission’s DG mobility and transport, Henrik Hololei, explaining why a competitive maritime sector is essential for Europe’s economy. Gabriel Mato highlights why cuts in the fisheries budget can negatively impact costal-regions. In our regular 5 Questions with…column, Vladimir Urutchev shares with us his love for motocross.

A Europe for the future

As EPP Spitzenkandidat, Manfred Weber believes Europe needs to become more political and more democratic if it is to rebuild trust and get closer to its citizens.

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