Issue 491 | 18 March 2019

Written by The Parliament Magazine on 18 March 2019 in Magazines

Former MEP, Finnish Prime Minister and recent EPP Spitzenkandidat shortlistee, Alexander Stubb graces this issue's cover in an exclusive interview.

Also inside, Czech deputy Pavel Poc explains why the problems surrounding the safety evaluations of glyphosate have shown the urgent need to improve the transparency of assesment processes, while our roving reporter Martin Banks investigates why local and regional leaders in the CoR and EESC are voicing mounting concern about the prospect of a no deal Brexit. MEPs Herbet Dorfmann, István Ujhelyi and Patrizia Toia contribute key articles in our feature on Smart Technologies while Henna Virkunnen and Pavel Telička look at where the EU is on delivering 5G networks and the new Connecting Europe Facility.

Plus comment and analysis from MEPs Michèle Rivasi on CCS technology, Tania González Peñas on why Europe must do more to end violence against migrant workers in Saudi Arabia, Simona Bonafé, Michel Dantin and Rory Palmer on the Drinking Water Directive, coverage of the recent European Space Policy Conference, Cybersecurity and more...

Driven by the heart

As the balance in European sentiment increasingly leans to the right, veteran politician Alexander Stubb tells Lorna Hutchinson that election candidates need to become more personal if they are to strike an emotional chord with people on what it means to be European.

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