Issue 407 | 9 March 2015

Written by The Parliament Magazine on 6 March 2015 in Magazines

Data protection, the digital single market, gender equality and more...

Jan Albrecht, parliament's rapporteur on personal data protection: processing and free movement of data (general data regulation), tells us why negotiations on the data protection package have stalled. He says it is increasingly unlikely a resolution will be passed this year and that the "council and parliament are heading in two completely different directions". The German MEP warns that "every day we postpone this procedure, the standards for the protection of personal data in Europe are endangered". The Greens/EFA deputy highlights that the current EU data protection directive dates back to 1995, when most people did not have internet access. Meanwhile, EPP shadow rapporteur Axel Voss says "more education" on data protection for Europe's citizens is needed, as well as calling for the issue to be managed in the member states.

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