Issue 402 | 1 December 2014

Written by The Parliament Magazine on 1 December 2014 in Magazines

COP 20 Talks, Matchfixing, Transport Policy, Disability Rights, Research Review and more...

Jo Leinen, co-chair of parliaments's delegation to the COP 20 in Lima leads the cover story in our latest issue, explaining that the conference will be "crucial" in reaching a global climate change agreement. Leinen also argues that, although the EU has taken steps to tackle climate change, more can be done, saying, "The commitments announced so far can only be seen as minimum efforts, as they are not ambitious enough". However, he is hopeful that a successful and fruitful agreement will be reached, stressing, "the progress on pledges to mitigate climate change and financial contributions made in the last couple of weeks are important signals ahead of the Lima conference". Leinen concludes by highlighting the need to, "Incentivise all countries to make their fair contributions to fight global warming".

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