Issue 397 | 22 September 2014

Written by Des Hinton-Beales on 22 September 2014 in Magazines

Gastein health forum, SMEs, key enabling technologies and more...

Outgoing EU health commissioner Tonio Borg kicks off our coverage of this year's European health forum Gastein by saying that health should be promoted as "a precondition for economic prosperity and social cohesion". "As I pass the baton to the next health commissioner," writes the Maltese official, "I am confident that solutions to today's healthcare and health systems-related challenges are well underway." Gastein president Helmut Brand says that "there is plenty of room for new ideas" in European health policy. He adds that, "In order to meet visions of a social and prosperous Europe, we need politicians and stakeholders who will champion smart, sustainable and inclusive policies while maintaining strong values."

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