Issue 385 | 3 March 2014

Written by The Parliament Magazine on 3 March 2014 in Magazines

International women's day, plastic waste, package travel and more...

Sirpa Pietikäinen kicks off our MEP coverage of international women’s day, saying that, “Having more women in decision making is not only a matter of equality but quality. The more diversity among decision makers the more diverse and better the resulting decisions”. The Finnish MEP also warns that, “It is not enough to cross our fingers and hope for the best in upcoming elections”. European employment, social affairs and inclusion commissioner László Andor writes that “women still fare worse than men on the labour market. On average they are subject to lower wages, fewer employment opportunities and higher inactivity,” says the Hungarian official. MEPs Mary Honeyball, Barbara Matera and Kartika Liotard round off our feature by looking at women’s situations across the globe.

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