Issue 383 | 3 February 2014

Written by The Parliament Magazine on 3 February 2014 in Magazines

World cancer day, carbon capture and storage, Gibraltar and more...

Alojz Peterle, president of MEPs against cancer (MAC), heads up our feature on world cancer day. As events across the world are held to mark the day, the Slovenian deputy highlights the "tireless" work performed by his MAC colleagues, praising them for leading the fight against cancer both in and out of their professional lives. However, although the EPP MEP notes the "recognisable improvements in cancer treatment and care", he also points out the fact that the disease remains one of the primary causes of death in Europe. Meanwhile, Zsusanna Jakab, World Health Organisation regional director for Europe, warns that the cost of "inaction" is far greater than the cost of "action" when it comes to noncommunicable diseases and tobacco, calling on the EU to tackle this "staggering" burden.

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