Issue 378 | 4 November 2013

Written by The Parliament Magazine on 4 November 2013 in Magazines

Carbon capture and storage, fourth railway package, European destinations of excellence and more...

Rapporteur Chris Davies heads up our cover feature on carbon capture and storage (CCS), calling for “commitment” from member states and a business model which can “promote private investment”. Spanish deputy Andrés Perelló Rodríguez admits that although CCS is not necessarily the “ideal solution for combating climate change” it is a “complimentary solution and a realistic one”. However, Dutch deputy Bas Eickhout says that although he is “not necessarily against CCS... we need to rethink where to apply it”. He says that, “We should only promote CCS where absolutely vital to reduce our climate impact, like in certain industrial sectors”. Meanwhile, Anna Rosbach insists that the price of carbon pollution must reflect “actual costs” to ensure a “level playing field for all commercial stakeholders and promising technologies”.

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