Issue 375 | 23 September 2013

Written by The Parliament Magazine on 23 September 2013 in Magazines

European health forum Gastein, high speed broadband, state of the union and more…

EU health commissioner Tonio Borg kicks off our special European health forum Gastein issue by saying that the bloc’s “health systems are facing mounting challenges”. Borg cites “an ageing population”, a “rise in chronic diseases” and “costly technological developments” as being prime among the problems facing member states’ healthcare systems. “We need smarter, not necessarily more, spending,” said the Maltese official, who stressed that, “Investing in health systems does not exclusively mean a financial investment, but also coordination, cooperation and commitment.” European health forum Gastein president Helmut Brand warns policymakers that they must decide where to “draw the line” when balancing cost-saving measures against the wellbeing of citizens. “People derive more direct benefit from innovation in healthcare than in any other area,” writes Brand.

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