Issue 371 | 10 June 2013

Written by The Parliament Magazine on 10 June 2013 in Magazines

EU sustainable energy week 2013, PES council, social investment package and more...

In the run up to sustainable energy week Edit Herczog kicks off our special feature, writing that “The EU has already become one of the biggest energy importers in the global marketplace.” Herczog, parliament’s rapporteur on engaging in energy cooperation policy with partners beyond our borders, argues that Europe a can make great strides towards achieving sustainability through the introduction of a fully integrated energy market. Member of parliament’s regional development committee Lambert van Nistelrooij highlights that smart specialisation in sustainable energy can assist Europe’s transition to a more efficient and ecologically sound future. The EPP deputy warns that “Specialisation and collaboration with cross-border partners is essential for creating an excellent cluster, no matter what the field of activity.”


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