Issue 369 | 13 May 2013

Written by Gerald Callaghan on 13 May 2013 in Magazines

EU-Japan trade, alcohol related harm, maritime policy and more...

European maritime affairs commissioner Maria Damanaki kicks off our special feature on European maritime day writing that the EU will work to promote further innovation and investment into the sector. The Greek official highlights that, "Our joint efforts should aim to reduce the investment risk to authorities, maritime industries and SMEs alike, lowering costs and opening new markets." Parliament's rapporteur on enhancing sustainable growth in the EU's market, maritime transport and tourism sectors Spyros Danellis, argues that the sector is "of particular importance for blue growth, as well as the twin challenges of employment and sustainability in tourism". And director general of the commission's mobility and transport DG Matthias Ruete, warns that the EU must extend the benefits of the single market to maritime transport.

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