Issue 362 | 4 February 2013

Written by The Parliament Magazine on 4 February 2013 in Magazines

Financial transaction tax, sound science, basic banking services and more...

In an exclusive interview with The Parliament Magazine, EU taxation commissioner Algirdas Šemeta tells us he that hopes the use of enhanced cooperation to introduce a financial transaction tax will pave the way for a more harmonised approach to tax in the EU and beyond. He says that "this is the first time our member states have agreed to allow a harmonised tax", adding that it is, "an historical event because it breaks unanimity rule". "We have to take into account the need for a more coordinated approach in various areas of taxation," he warns, highlighting that policymakers "should not be scared to use treaty tools like enhanced cooperation". Šemeta adds that the introduction of the tax could ultimately help to restore citizens' confidence in the financial sector, which would help to "boost lending" and "contribute to growth and jobs".

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