Issue 358 | 12 November 2012

Written by The Parliament Magazine on 12 November 2012 in Magazines

Online gambling, tackling diabetes, public procurement and more

With the largest market for online gambling here in Europe, "it is essential we protect the most vulnerable internet users," EU internal market and services commissioner Michel Barnier warns. In our special feature on online gambling, the French official writes, "I am not proposing an EU-wide law on gambling. What I am proposing is a comprehensive set of actions and common principles of protection."Member of parliament’s industry, research and energy committee Jürgen Creutzmann welcomes the commission’s commitment "to finally take action against member states whose national gambling legislation infringes EU single market law". While S&D deputy Christel Schaldemose is satisfied to see that the commission has "actually listened to parliament’s recommendations and concerns" over online gambling.

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