Lighting: Energy efficient lighting for sustainable development

WISIONS of sustainability is a Wuppertal Institute initiative that is supported by the Swiss-based foundation ProEvolution. The initiative was launched in 2004 to promote practical and sustainable energy projects – particularly those in developing countries.

As well as the Technology Radar, which serves as an information tool, practical financial support for the implementation of innovative and feasible energy projects is provided via SEPS – Sustainable Energy Project Support. To date more than 50 projects around the world have been selected for SEPS support.

The aim of the WISIONS Technology Radar is to give a comprehensive and transparent overview of the existing renewable energy technologies and their possible contribution to meeting basic energy needs. It serves as a scientifically based source of information on solutions for addressing the global challenges related to the need for energy.

Key questions addressed for each technology refer to the technology’s potential contribution to global sustainable development and its potential to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. In addition, the environmental, social and regional impacts that are linked to the implementation of the technology are examined. Where possible, development options for the future are also analysed, as well as an appraisal of the necessary framework for ensuring that the technology is economically viable.

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