Key dates and priorities of the Latvian EU Council Presidency

It's clichéd we know, but there are few in the Brussels bubble that would doubt that Latvia's EU Council Presidency comes at a crucial and difficult time for the EU. Riga begins its presidency stint at the end of a period of unprecedented institutional upheaval and change. The transition from one European commission college to another is always a significant challenge for the first council presidency following a leadership swap in the Berlaymont.

Yet the potential green shoots of a European economic recovery and the opportunity that a new legislative cycle offers the Latvians in setting the EU's policy course for the coming years means Riga has a detailed and demanding schedule between now and the summer.

To help you understand and navigate your way through the myriad of policy pronouncements, summits and events being organised, the Parliament Magazine's EU Monitoring colleagues have produced a comprehensive guide to the key dates and priorities of Latvia's six-month stint at the EU's helm. To download this invaluable free guide, just complete the short digital form below.


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