How successful medical meeting leaders reach their goals - lessons from 13 experts


There are two kinds of medical association and there are two kinds of medical meeting: those who are likely to survive and prosper, and those who don’t keep abreast of regulatory changes and legislation. The most successful medical associations and sponsor companies have a twin-track mind-set: they refine their current approach to quality and transparency while advancing new models for professional education and interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs).

The old model is defunct

A series of powerful drivers, including changes in how interactions with HCPs are conducted, will  continue to shape the relationship between medical associations and sponsor companies, making it critical for medical associations to remake their business model and upgrade their skills in order to survive.

Identifying best-practices for shaping strategies

An MCI benchmarking study that included a survey of recognised leaders at medical associations, sponsor companies, regulators and third-party entities found consensus about adaptive change present in the medical meetings industry, discordance over the effect on education quality and pessimism over the possibility to derive a harmonised European approach. MCI has identified three critical paragons to help the medical meeting industry adapt to future realities, influence stakeholders and develop an innovative new ecosystem.

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