Thought Leaders

Thought Leader | Fit for Work: EU musculoskeletal strategy

15 December 2014

The EU must face up to the 'staggering' social and economic costs of musculoskeletal disorders, says Andreas Schwarting.

Thought Leader | Eurocare: EU alcohol strategy

27 November 2014

The EU must 'take the lead' in tackling alcohol-related harm, writes Mariann Skar.

Thought Leader | Brewers of Europe: EU alcohol strategy

25 November 2014

The EU's alcohol strategy sets the 'right priorities' and needs only reinvigorating, not reinventing, urges Pierre-Olivier Bergeron.

Thought leader | Fit for Work: Musculoskeletal disorders

29 September 2014

The EU must push for a better alignment between Europe's work and health agendas, writes Klaus Machold

Thought Leader | Fit for Work: Musculoskeletal disorders

10 June 2014

The Fit for Work checklist aims to keep muscle and joint pain high on the political and professional agenda, writes P.C. Baart.

Thought leader | Umicore: Green Week 2014

28 May 2014

Properly applied resource efficiency policies can enhance Europe's competitiveness, writes Egbert Lox.

Thought Leader: Juan Jover: Early intervention

31 March 2014

Early intervention is a cost-effective solution to reducing the burden of musculoskeletal disorders, writes Juan Jover.

Thought Leader: Željka Cvijanović: Bosnia-Herzegovina

24 February 2014

The EU must ensure that it takes a 'realistic approach' towards Bosnia-Herzegovina; writes Željka Cvijanovic.

Thought Leader: 'Radical reform' needed in Montenegro before EU accession: Pavel Priymakov

20 January 2014

Major problems over good governance and the rule of law obstruct Montenegro's EU membership path, writes Pavel Priymakov.

Support needed for EU payments package

18 November 2013

Will the EU's 'payments package' help or hinder Europe's economic growth? Gilbert Arira asks.