Real product testing does not entail superpowers, but right focus and financial resources

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20 December 2017

 The freshly published Market Surveillance Draft Regulation recognises the importance of market surveillance authorities.

Impact of Brexit on the EU industry producing household appliances

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29 November 2017

This position paper seeks to provide an analysis of the key aspects of Brexit that will impact on household appliance manufacturers in Europe. It reflects on the complexity of the current...

Let’s move on from today’s dystopian tone

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27 November 2017

Home appliances are (quietly) changing the modern world for the better writes Paolo Falcioni

Agreement reached: Focus needed now on practical & enforceable implementation

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27 March 2017

The European Institutions have reached a political agreement on a new Energy Labelling Framework Regulation. The new Framework legislation is set to enter force later this year and will bring...

A workable waste legislation to not waste opportunities

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14 March 2017

Today, the European Plenary adopted the reports of MEP Simona Bonafè on Commission proposals amending the 2008 Waste Directive, the 2012 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive and the...

A single market 2.0 for an industry 4.0

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28 February 2017

On EU Industry Day, the Home Appliance industry calls for unlocking the digital single market opportunities. The Home Appliance sector is a relevant component of European industry with nearly one...