Bulgarian EU Council presidency: Time is right to develop relations with the Balkans

Written by Angel Dzhambazki on 2 January 2018 in Opinion

The time is right to discuss the EU accession of the Balkan states, says Angel Dzhambazki.

Angel Dzhambazki Photo credit: European Parliament audiovisual

Historically, EU countries and the Balkan states have been closely connected. The region is of vital importance to our Union, although in recent years it has been repeatedly neglected.

This is why the Bulgarian Council presidency will work on developing relations with the Balkans.

It is ambitious to discuss the EU accessions of those countries now. What is most ambitious however, is giving them a clear perspective.


Bulgaria has always been a close partner, supporting their democratic reforms and development. 

More recently, we have witnessed many bilateral and multilateral meetings between the leaders of those countries.

During its six months at the helm of the Council, Bulgaria will be committed to restoring the discussion on EU integration of the region to the agenda.

About the author

Angel Dzhambazki (ECR, BG) is a Vice-Chair of Parliament's delegation to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia joint parliamentary committee

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