PM 446 Cover

Issue 446 | 19 December 2016

Winter energy package, Maltese Presidency preview, EU-Africa, Sustainable Development, One Belt, One Road, 5 questions with Roberta Metsola and more.

Jens Stoltenberg on the cover of PM 445

Issue 445 | 05 December 2016

Interview with Jens Stoltenberg, Energy Efficiency, EU-Algeria, Antimicrobial Resistance, EU-Bangladesh, Digital Skills, Gender Equality in Mental Health, 5 questions with Ulrike Lunacek and more...

Kaja Kallas on the cover of PM 444

Issue 444 | 21 November 2016

Interview with Kaja Kallas, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Waste Management, Access to Medicines, EU-Turkey, Neighbourhood Policy, CETA roundup, 5 questions with Catherine Stihler and more...

Helga Stevens on the cover of PM 443

Issue 443 | 7 November 2016

Interview with Helga Stevens, Aviation Strategy, Food Labelling, Powering Europe's innovation economy, SME Week, tackling Pancreatic Cancer, 5 questions with Alessia Mosca and more.

IEEE 2016 front cover

IEEE | Considering the ethics

A Parliament Magazine special supplement with IEEE on AI and robotics, and the need to look at ethics


Issue 442 | 24 October 2016

Interview with Maroš Šefčovič, EU single market, ACP-EU partnership, energy union, 5 questions with Michał Boni and more.

Steffan Eck on the cover of PM 441

Issue 441 | 10 October 2016

Telecoms, Copyright, interview with Stefan Eck, Pesticides, Pet trafficking, ETS, Fertilizers Regulation, 5 Questions with Marco Affronte MEP and more…

Regional Review October 2016

Regional Review | October 2016

European Week of Regions and Cities, ESI funds, Knowledge-based Economy, protecting the Eastern Partnership, future of Cohesion Policy and more...

Alyn Smith on the cover of PM 440

Issue 440 | 26 September 2016

European Health Forum Gastein special issue, Biotech Week, interview with Alyn Smith, CETA vs TTIP, Wildflife trafficking, ETS, 5 Questions with Daniel Dalton MEP and more…

Pervenche Beres on the cover of PM 439

Issue 439 | 12 September 2016

La Rentrée, Mobility Week, interview with Pervenche Berès, EU Alcohol Strategy, EU Week of Sport, GMOs, 5 Questions with 5 star movement MEP...

Ivan Korcok on the cover of PM438

Issue 438 | 11 July 2016

Slovak EU Council Presidency interview with Ivan Korčok, Copyright Reform, Firearms Directive, 5G Technology, EU Biodiversity Strategy, 5 Questions with entrepreneur and rights activist Madi...

Brexit on the cover of PM 437

Issue 437 | 27 June 2016

Brexit referendum special issue, Telecoms Reform, Sustainable Tourism, Digital Startups, Climate Change and the EU's Effort Sharing Decision, 5 Questions with Europol Director Rob Wainwright and...

Brexit on the cover of PM 436

Issue 436 | 13 June 2016

Pre-Brexit referendum special issue, 2030 Climate and Energy Framework, Sustainable Energy Week preview, PMR, REACH Simplification, Circular Economy, 5 Questions with Maria Arena and more…

Front cover PM435

Issue 435 | 30 May 2016

Ian Duncan interview, Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) reform, EU Development Days preview, Sustainable Development Week, eHealth, Blood & Plasma policy, 5 Questions with Angelika Niebler and...

EADV 2016 cover

EADV Supplement - May 2016

A Parliament Magazine special supplement on protecting Europe's outdoor workers from skin cancer

Karmenu Vella on the cover of PM 434

Issue 434 | 16 May 2016

Karmenu Vella interview, Green Week preview, EU Maritime Day, Space Solutions conference, Steel Crisis, European Week Against Cancer, Foie Gras, 5 Questions with CoR president Markku Markkula and...

Viviane Reding on the cover of PM 433

Issue 433 | 02 May 2016

Viviane Reding interview, 5G Action Plan, High North Policy, Work-Life Balance, Decarbonising Transport, ETS reform, Circular Economy, 5 Questions with Françoise Grossetête and more

Christos Stylianides on the cover of PM 432

Issue 432 | 18 April 2016

Christos Stylianides interview, Energy Union, Smart Cities, fisheries, Allergy Prevention, Immunisation Week, Parliament Chauffeurs, 5 Questions with Brando Benifei and...

Chrystia Freeland on the cover of PM 431

Issue 431 | 04 April 2016

Chrystia Freeland interview, EU-Canada trade agreement, Healthy Ageing, Labour Mobility, Savchenko verdict reaction, EU-US relationship, 5 Questions with Emilian Pavel and...

Front cover PM430 21 March 2016

Issue 430 | 21 March 2016

Ana Gomes interview, EU defence policy, World Water Day, EU Medical Corps, relations with Israel, ETS, 5 Questions with Paul Rübig and more

European Parliament Audiovisual

Issue 429 | 07 March 2016

Barbara Matera interview, EU space policy, EU China trade, World Kidney Day, 5G technology, Brain Awareness Week, 5 Questions with Catherine Bearder and more

Front cover PM428 22 Feb 2016

Issue 428| 22 February 2016

Guy Verhofstadt interview, Sustainable Transport, Agriculture, Schengen Crisis, China MES, 5 Questions with Cécile Kyenge, and more.

Paul Nuttall on the cover of PM 427

Issue 427 | 08 February 2016

Paul Nuttall interview, Antimicrobial resistance, Muslim Integration, Mhealth, 5Qs with Konstadinka Kuneva, Safer Internet Day and more...

Circular economy on the cover of PM 426

Issue 426 | 25 January 2016

Full Circle: An exclusive interview with the European Commission's Fantastic Four, Frans Timmermans, Jyrki Katainen, Karmenu Vella & Elżbieta Bieńkowska.  Also: Simona Bonafè, ...

Cover of 2015 Algeria Supplement

Algeria Supplement | Dec 2015

A Parliament Magazine special supplement | A stronger partnership for mutual development

PM425 Cover featuring Bert Koenders

Issue 425 | 21 December 2015

Dutch Foreign minister Bert Koenders, Dutch EU Council presidency preview, safeguarding Europe's cultural heritage, World Malaria Report, Internet of Things, 5Qs with Tanja Fajon, eSkills and more...

Giovanni La Via on the cover of PM 424

Issue 424 | 30 November 2015

Giovanni La Via interview, COP 21, youth policy, brain health, Timothy Kirkhope on the PNR directive, 5Qs with Ádám Kósa, data protection and more...

IEEE 2015 Front cover

IEEE | Building The Future | November 2015

A Parliament Magazine special supplement on engineering and sustainable development

Jonathan Hill on the cover of PM 423

Issue 423 | 16 November 2015

Jonathan Hill interview, Antimicrobial Resistance, EU Robotics Week, DG Connect's Roberto Viola on the Internet of Things, 5Qs with Guy Verhofstadt, ending bullfighting subsidies and more...