Clinical trial

PM+: EU 'substantially weakens' informed consent in clinical trials regulation

23 April 2014

As the clinical trials regulation reaches implementation, Katrin Fjeldsted highlights the importance of both 'informed consent' and 'medical ethics'.

Izaskun Bilbao Barandica, MEP

EU elections to set stage for debate on future of Spain

22 April 2014

The economic crisis, discredited politics and a restructuring of the state are likely to dominate Spain's European election agenda, writes Izaskun Bilbao Barandica.

Edward McMillan-Scott MEP

European parliament 'making important changes' with new powers

22 April 2014

Despite parliament's 'low credibility' among the public, it continues 'working for a greener, safer, better' EU, says Edward McMillan-Scott

Edite Estrela MEP

MEPs counter critisism of ‘One of Us’ European citizens’ initiative

17 April 2014

Anna Zaborska leads a chorus of MEP condemnation against Edite Estrela's 'misinformed and undemocratic' attitude towards the One of Us citizens' initiative.

Plastic bags

MEPs demand 80 per cent reduction in lightweight plastic bag use

17 April 2014

Parliament has voted to halve the number of single-use plastic bags used in the EU by 2017, and to reduce their use by at least an 80 per cent by 2019.

Italian patrol ship

New rules for EU sea-border patrols

17 April 2014

MEPs have voted to adopt a new regulation which includes concrete rules to ensure that member states fulfil their search and rescue obligations to boats in distress.

Marit Paulsen

Plant breeding can help meet food challenges

23 April 2014

With the world facing food security and climate change challenges, there must be a frank debate on how to provide for a continuously increasing population, writes Marit Paulsen.


EU development policies must be 'strongly geared' to disaster

22 April 2014

The European commission must invest in 'disaster risk reduction' as the frequency of climate related disasters and crises increases, says Gay Mitchell

Roger Helmer

UK can 'expect more jobs' upon EU exit

17 April 2014

Despite the three major UK political parties conveying the 'risks' involved, Roger Helmer believes Britain can benefit from an EU exit.

Food aid in Europe at scale 'not seen since the second world war'

16 April 2014

European citizens' growing reliance on food banks is 'unacceptable', and the EU must ensure its populations are able to enjoy a healthy and affordable diet, argues Edward McMillan-Scott.

Pyramid image

European citizens’ initiative

17 April 2014

Is the European citizens’ initiative the Cinderella of citizen government relations, asks Natasha Marie Levanti.

Indian elections

4 April 2014

India's 2014 parliamentary election is mainly about change, argues Gauri Khandekar. Change in leadership, in political discourse, and in general attitudes and aspirations.


29 March 2014

In the long-run, Russia's annexation of Crimea may turn out to have been a very poor decision by president Putin, writes Ecaterina Matcov.

Crimean referendum

17 March 2014

Martin Banks shares his experiences covering the weekend's historic and controversial Crimean referendum vote.

7 April 2014

Kristalina Georgieva speaks to the Parliament Magazine on humanitarian efforts in Syria, the crisis Central Africa and how the EU has improved its aid effectiveness

16 April 2014

On April 15-16 2014, the European Parliament debated and voted on reducing the consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags. The report by rapporteur Margrete Auken (Greens/EFA, DK) was adopted with 539 votes in favour and 51 against.

23 April 2014

David Martin explains how updated internal rules can help shape trade policy for "fair growth and job creation".