Karima Delli MEP

Not acting now on sustainable urban mobility will cost lives

30 June 2015

With pollution set to become the world's leading cause of mortality, green transport could be the key to saving our planet, writes Karima Delli.

Ambassador Yang Yanyi and Martin Schulz

Celebrating 40 years of friendship and the beginnings of a new journey

29 June 2015

Upcoming EU-China summit will take stock of past achievements and map out future relationship, says Ambassador Yang Yanyi.

Jo Leinen at parliament

Europe-China summit will have global climate impact

29 June 2015

The EU-China relationship must focus on mutually supportive climate policies, says Jo Leinen.

Greek flag with hand reaching out

Greece: EU parliament slams failure to reach deal

29 June 2015

MEPs have accused Tsipras' government of being 'irresponsible', while also calling the Eurogroup 'cold hearted ideologues'.

Pope Francis addresses the European parliament

Pope's climate change stance aimed at influencing Paris COP 21 talks

29 June 2015

Pope Francis's new encyclical on climate change comes at a critical moment in the fight against climate change, argues Giovanni La Via.

European parliament

Movers and Shakers | Commission reshuffle special

29 June 2015
Picture of Kristalina Georgieva

The future of EU-China relations is in good hands

29 June 2015

The longest standing EU-China cooperation programme is the training of interpreters, demonstrating both sides' commitment to good communication and partnership, writes Kristalina Georgieva.

Tibor Navracsics

Personal contacts central to EU-China relations

29 June 2015

People to people dialogue is key to deepening mutual understanding and friendship, and is also important for EU-China economic and trade relations, writes Tibor Navracsics.

EU needs serious action to secure sustainable global future

3 June 2015

A strong, cohesive European position is crucial ahead of key global development talks, says Linda McAvan.

Pavel Poc

EU running risk of another year of biodiversity and ecosystem failure

3 June 2015

Europe's 2020 goal of reversing biodiversity loss is 'pure fiction', but there is still time to save what's left, writes Pavel Poc.

Karmenu Vella

Nature has important role to play in a healthy European economy

3 June 2015

Thanks to EU legislation, Europe has managed to limit wildlife loss, but much more needs to be done to reach the 2020 targets, says Karmenu Vella.

Guo Ping Huawei

Industry 4.0 gives Europe its chance to shine

16 June 2015

It's only natural that Europe should lead in 5g technologies, says Huawei's rotating CEO Guo Ping.

People holding hands at an anti-racism demonstration

Racist crimes in the EU continuing to destroy lives

16 June 2015

Member states must step up their efforts to fight against racist crimes, as they are on the up and are still not reported adequately, writes Sarah Isal.

Image of hands holding a tablet

S&D 40 call for 'committee of the future'

12 June 2015

EU must stop 'living in the shadow of the present' and look to the future, argue Eva Kaili and Victor Negrescu.

EU must prevent tax fraud from financing terrorism

9 June 2015

As two US students have been accused of using their student grants to travel to the Middle East to join Isis, policymakers must stop the same from happening in the EU, warns Mariela Baeva.

24 June 2015

Britain, with its strong economic reform agenda and international outlook, is crucial to shaping Europe's future competitiveness, argues Alessia Mosca

8 June 2015

Batting for Britain: Former Warwickshire county cricketer Dan Dalton says EU must move with the times.

27 May 2015

Putting the theory into practice is currently proving a bit difficult for both Yanis Varoufakis and David Cameron, suggests IMD's John Walsh

24 June 2015

Liquefied petroleum gas can reach isolated rural communities and benefit millions of people, writes Samuel Maubanc.

22 June 2015

All the evidence shows that efficient labour markets actually drive economic growth, says Eurociett's Denis Pennel

16 June 2015

Ahead of their annual conference, IFAH-Europe's Roxane Feller explains why a better EU veterinary medicines regulatory framework is needed.

12 June 2015

Recent eastern partnership summit tainted by ambiguity over EU's Caspian partner, argues Azerbaijani parliament member Azay Guliyev.

26 May 2015

Parliament has given its stamp of approval to legislation aimed at combating money laundering, which will also help fight tax evasion.

22 May 2015

The EU's security environment has undergone dramatic changes in recent years and is as unstable as ever, and the CSDP must be updated to reflect this, say MEPs.

21 May 2015

MEPs have voted through a resolution calling on the member states to meet their official development assistance (ODA) targets and set a timetable for reaching them by 2020.

19 May 2015

Vitālijs Gavrilovs says public officials should seek the advice and assistance of social and economic partners when tackling geopolitical issues.