Rana Plaza

Transparency to be 'the norm' for large businesses

16 April 2014

Following a vote in the Strasbourg plenary, all large companies and groups will now have to disclose non-financial and diversity information to ensure that they operate in a more transparent manner.

Henri Malosse

Wanted: A charismatic European leader

16 April 2014

Europe's heads of state and of governments have a major responsibility in choosing the next commission president, argues Henri Malosse.

ALDE group set for total wipeout of British MEPs

16 April 2014

Britain’s Liberal Democrats are likely to be unrepresented in the next European parliament legislature, according to the latest EU elections poll.

EU must not be 'held hostage' over gay and women's rights

16 April 2014

Those who believe in Europe's founding principles of human dignity and equality must 'mobilise' against conservative lobbying, urges Kartika Tamara Liotard.

EU must keep pace with educational advances

16 April 2014

It is crucial that improvements in digital technologies for education are fully exploited by the EU and member states, argues Ivan Cătălin Sorin.

Europe and the world must 'stand by the Syrian people'

16 April 2014

As the world's attention focuses on the crisis in Ukraine, Kristalina Georgieva tells Rajnish Singh that it's important not to forget the continuing civil war in Syria.

Food aid in Europe at scale 'not seen since the second world war'

16 April 2014

European citizens' growing reliance on food banks is 'unacceptable', and the EU must ensure its populations are able to enjoy a healthy and affordable diet, argues Edward McMillan-Scott.

Conservatives and reformists propose new 'paradigm'

16 April 2014

The EU is facing a 'profound competitiveness crisis' which is why a new economic programme is essential, argues Jan Zahradil.

New CAP 'better adapted' to EU agriculture

15 April 2014

Modern agricultural policies must complement other sectors and deliver food security, sustainability, growth and jobs, writes Dacian Cioloş.

EU needs leadership that 'inspires trust' and 'promotes prosperity'

15 April 2014

The EU is also losing the hearts and minds of its citizens through a combination of legislating in too many areas that could be left to the national level and by a failure to explain or justify its continued EU needs leadership that ‘inspires trust’ and 'promotes prosperity'.

Indian elections

4 April 2014

India's 2014 parliamentary election is mainly about change, argues Gauri Khandekar. Change in leadership, in political discourse, and in general attitudes and aspirations.


29 March 2014

In the long-run, Russia's annexation of Crimea may turn out to have been a very poor decision by president Putin, writes Ecaterina Matcov.

Crimean referendum

17 March 2014

Martin Banks shares his experiences covering the weekend's historic and controversial Crimean referendum vote.

Greek presidency priorities

5 March 2014

Mediterranean winds will steer the EU during 2014, explains Silvia Curbelo Betancort

7 April 2014

Kristalina Georgieva speaks to the Parliament Magazine on humanitarian efforts in Syria, the crisis Central Africa and how the EU has improved its aid effectiveness

16 April 2014

On April 15-16 2014, the European Parliament debated and voted on reducing the consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags. The report by rapporteur Margrete Auken (Greens/EFA, DK) was adopted with 539 votes in favour and 51 against.

Csaba Őry MEP
16 April 2014

Rapporteur Csaba Őry discusses the importance of the tripartite social summit for growth and employment.