Lambert Van Nistelrooij giving a speech

5G development key to Europe's future digital competitiveness

5 May 2016

Europe should grasp the chance to once again take the lead in mobile technology, writes Lambert van Nistelrooij.


5G set to accelerate Europe's digital transformation

5 May 2016

Capability to foster innovation and create market opportunities will be 5Gs winning factor, argue Willem Jonker and Roberto Sarocco.

Man holding Turkish flag

MEPs brand visa-free travel for Turkey 'huge error of judgement'

4 May 2016

The Commission is set to recommend visa-free travel for Turkey, which could take effect from July.

Kazakhstan hailed as model for integrating cultures

4 May 2016

Kazakhstan could be used as a model for Europe in integrating people from different ethnic backgrounds and religions, a Brussels conference was told.

European Parliament building

MEPs call for better protection of whistle-blowers

4 May 2016

MEPs attending a hearing also blasted EU competition chief Margrethe Vestager for failing to appear at LuxLeaks whistle-blower's trial.

Energy, energy union

Energy efficiency: Binding targets will hinder EU growth

3 May 2016

Member states are best placed to decide the energy efficiency measures that best fit their national circumstances and needs, argues Markus Pieper.

Viviane Reding against a red background

Viviane Reding: Data protection regulation one more step towards digital single market

3 May 2016

Viviane Reding talks data protection, transitioning from Commissioner to MEP and why economics trumps feminism.

Petras Auštrevičius MEP

Nord Stream 2 pipeline would defeat purpose of Energy Union

2 May 2016

Nord Stream 2 is the embodiment of hybrid warfare and would put Energy Union at risk, argues Petras Auštrevičius.

Maroš Šefčovič speaks at the European parliament

Energy union set to empower EU's energy security

26 April 2016

2016 will be the year of delivery for Energy Union, writes Maroš Šefcovic.

Sustainable energy

Energy efficiency: EU needs to 'think bigger'

22 April 2016

The Commission is set to revise the energy efficiency directive later this year. How are MEPs looking to influence this key update?

Theresa Griffin

EU needs strong safeguards to maintain energy security

21 April 2016

Energy cooperation must be at the heart of the EU, just as it was when the Union was created more than 60 years ago, argues Theresa Griffin.

Jerzy Buzek

EU needs new approach to gas energy supply security

19 April 2016

Europe needs a new approach to energy security that allows it to remain resilient in the face of supply disruptions, writes Jerzy Buzek.

EU-US privacy shield: Political challenges ahead

4 May 2016

The EU-US privacy shield is a step in the right direction, but is still likely to face considerable opposition from citizens and the ECJ, writes Spiro Dhapi.

Look to cities for answers to Europe's youth employment crisis

5 April 2016

With three quarters of Europe's population living in urban areas, the problem of youth unemployment is concentrated in cities, but that may also be where the solution lies, writes Anna Lisa Boni.

Person's hands holding strawberries

CO2 footprint of food: Notion of 'seasons' all but obsolete

5 April 2016

Which strawberries have the higher carbon footprint, those grown in the blazing suns of Africa and jetted into Europe, or those grown in bleak midwinter albeit under glass and heated by local energy? The answer might surprise you, writes Ian Duncan.

India flag blowing in the wind

Europe would be ideal trading partner for India

29 March 2016

As India enjoys continued growth and moves to modernise its infrastructure, it's time the EU relaunched trade negotiations with the country, writes Madi Sharma.

29 April 2016

A new report warns that it could take Britain years to strike bilateral trade deals in the event of a Brexit in the 23 June referendum.

29 April 2016

World leaders have warned against a Brexit.

26 April 2016

Nigel Farage has called on Leave campaigners to focus on immigration issue rather than economics and trade.

22 April 2016

US President Barack Obama has been accused of "unbelievable arrogance" after he made an emotional plea to British voters - as a "friend and ally" - to "stick together" with the rest of the EU.

19 April 2016

Latest polls suggest 'Remain' camp ahead, at 52 per cent.

15 April 2016

MEPs defend controversial plans to recruit staff drivers on the grounds of heightened security concerns following Paris and Brussels attacks.

15 April 2016

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn slammed for support for EU membership, despite previous Euroscepticism.

19 April 2016

One in three fish species served in restaurants in Brussels are not what they seem, reveals Lasse Gustavsson.

10 March 2016

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Đukanović’s western charm offensive is crumbling at his feet, argues Andrey Petrushinin.

7 March 2016

Understanding the connections between air pollution and climate change could help deliver win-win climate mitigation options, argues Erika von Schneidemesser.

22 February 2016

To achieve a real circular economy, the EU must take measures to ensure that materials embedded in products are properly recovered and recycled, writes Annick Carpentier.

16 December 2015

The EU is on the right track to attain its decarbonisation goals, but must do more to cut its road transport sector emissions, argues Samuel Maubanc.

2 December 2015

Armenia's abrupt political U-turn, clearly imposed by Moscow, has interrupted a number of promising legislative processes in the field of human rights.

2 December 2015

Look again at your home appliances as they can help tackle climate change and green the economy says Paolo Falcioni.

18 November 2015

Better enforcement of existing provisions, access to information and cooperation between member states are key to ensuring the fair mobility of workers, argues Denis Pennel.

4 May 2016

The ongoing public consultation on a mandatory transparency register was considered during a public debate on Monday at the European Parliament in Brussels.

16 March 2016

On Tuesday, senior political and civil society representatives debated the Joint Declaration on Animal Welfare initiated by several Agricultural Ministers in December 2014.

9 March 2016

On Monday evening, the Agriculture & Rural Development Commissioner addressed the AGRI Committee on the current situation on the agricultural markets.

4 March 2016

On Friday, European Council President Donald Tusk said that he sees an emerging consensus in Europe that can help tackle the crisis.

3 March 2016

On March 2nd, the European Commission held a conference on the Green Paper on Retail Financial Services. 

2 March 2016

Together with the Netherlands Presidency, it debated the implementation of the BEPS package, reform of the Code of Conduct group, country-by-country reporting and patent box systems.

26 February 2016

On Thursday, the European Parliament's plenary discussed an agreement with Philip Morris to combat tobacco smuggling

26 February 2016

On February 24, the European Parliament Plenary discussed the first reading agreement reached with the Council on the updated EURES Regulation.