UK Prime Minister David Cameron and European Parliament President Martin Schulz

David Cameron invited to face EU Parliament

3 September 2015

European Parliament President Martin Schulz is to invite British Prime Minister David Cameron to address MEPs on his proposed EU renegotiation plans.

digital, digital single market

Missing a trick? The EU's digital single market strategy needs to embrace the promise of the 'sharing economy'

2 September 2015

The Digital Single Market initiative will provide a much-needed stimulus for online commerce in Europe. However, asks Colin Mackay, is it fully embracing the benefits to individual citizens offered by the shared economy?

Security camera

MEPs clash over renewed calls for a European Intelligence Agency

2 September 2015

Recent Thalys terror attack splits opinion on EU's role in increasing security.


EU Commission launches study on Uber

1 September 2015

The Commission has confirmed it is launching a study analysing the markets for taxis in member states, in a bid to resolve ongoing disputes with new business models like Uber.

A cigarette on an ashtray

EU-Tobacco industry redaction revelations must not go unchallenged, warns health NGO

1 September 2015

The row over the European Commission's release of heavily redacted documents documenting its relationship with the tobacco industry is just 'another dirty drop in an already murky pool', argues Florence Berteletti.

Migrants in Calais pass by beach goers

Recent tragedy in Austria underlines the case for solidarity

28 August 2015

The tragic deaths of 71 migrants has brought crisis to the heart of Europe. There has never been a greater need for member state solidarity.


Call for EU member states to take action on 'vaccine hesitancy'

28 August 2015

Recent German measles outbreak highlights consequences of avoiding vaccines, reports Colin Mackay.

Mediterranean migrants

Refugee crisis: senior MEPs call for EU summit

27 August 2015

Gianni Pittella and Guy Verhofstadt have asked EU leaders to come up with a common solution to what has been called the 'worst refugee crisis since the second world war'.

Sirpa Pietekeinen speaking in parliament

Circular economy is a win for the EU economy and environment

26 June 2015

The world has little choice but to make the transition to a circular economy, says Sirpa Pietikäinen.

Piernicola Pedicini

End of fossil fuel subsidies first step of circular economy

26 June 2015

Encouraging the reuse of materials and extending product life expectancy are crucial to implementing the circular economy, says Piernicola Pedicini.

Greens/EFA MEP Mark Demesmaeker

EU needs circular economy that will work in practice

25 June 2015

Parliament's circular economy proposals are encouraging, but policymakers must focus on making it work in practice rather than getting stuck on the details, writes Mark Demesmaeker.

Clare Moody

Circular economy requires cultural change

25 June 2015

Discarded plastic has devastating effects on our marine environment, but changing waste into a resource could help limit the damage, writes Clare Moody.

Massimo Paolucci

Circular economy more than just an opportunity

23 June 2015

Now that parliament has given its support to a report on the circular economy, it's up to the commission to deliver concrete proposals, writes Massimo Paolucci.

Trading Places: Reallocating Commission staff resources

2 September 2015

There are many very clever people working in the European Commission but are they being directed to spend their time on the right things, asks spiritsEUROPE's Paul Skehan.

human trafficking

Modern slavery of domestic workers in Middle East cannot be tolerated

1 September 2015

The EU must take a stand against trafficking young girls from Africa to be sold as domestic workers in the Middle East, writes Madi Sharma.

Roma school girls attend a class in Braila, Romania

Roma inclusion strategy requires fundamental EU reform

31 August 2015

Europe has made some progress in putting an end to strong discrimination against Roma communities, but more needs to be done at grassroots level to help young people, writes Valeriu Nicolae. 

Revolving door

Time to challenge the influence of big business in EU policy making

20 July 2015

The EU's well-oiled revolving doors are keeping corporate lobbying in the TTIP driving seat, argue Vicky Cann and David Lundy

A map of Europe with a euro image over the top

The euro: The lessons of history

15 July 2015

The aspirations of politicians run far ahead of their understanding, writes the renowned University of Oxford economist Peter Oppenheimer.

3 September 2015

European Parliament President Martin Schulz is to invite British Prime Minister David Cameron to address MEPs on his proposed EU renegotiation plans.

21 August 2015

MPs are split on whether ministers should be allowed to campaign against the Government in the upcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

19 August 2015

David Cameron will orchestrate a row with the French government to present his EU renegotiations as a “win” for the UK, a former Tory minister has allegedly said.

19 August 2015

The head of one of the world's largest advertising and marketing firms has warned that Britain leaving the EU would be a "bloody disaster" for the continent.

19 August 2015

MPs are split on whether ministers should be allowed to campaign against the Government in the upcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

3 July 2015

Chinese companies have become the fastest growing source of foreign investment in Europe, writes Victor Zhang.

30 June 2015

 The EU and member states have not fully implemented the principles of the UN convention, argues Luk Zelderloo.

29 June 2015

The European commission must ensure that social media companies will respect national laws against incitement to religious hatred and violence, says Roberta Bonazzi.

24 June 2015

Liquefied petroleum gas can reach isolated rural communities and benefit millions of people, writes Samuel Maubanc.

22 June 2015

All the evidence shows that efficient labour markets actually drive economic growth, says Eurociett's Denis Pennel

1 September 2015

On August 29 the French Minister of Interior Bernard Cazeneuve gathered relevant ministers to an extraordinary Council meeting in Paris to discuss security measures following last week’s attack on the Amsterdam-Paris Thalys express.

21 August 2015

The Eurogroup met on August 14 and agreed on a new ESM macroeconomic adjustment programme for Greece, signalling the end of negotiations.

14 August 2015

The authors of the 2013 report for the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) on endocrine disrupters strongly rebuked industry attacks in a response recently published in the Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology Journal.

14 August 2015

The Eurogroup will hold an extraordinary meeting on Greece to discuss the “technical agreement” reached on Tuesday.

5 August 2015

The European Commission has unlocked financial assistance to the UK and France in light of the ongoing migrant crisis in Calais.