Edward McMillan-Scott MEP

In My Day: Arab Spring

11 February 2016

There is little optimism left over from the Arab Spring, says Edward McMillan-Scott.

Clinical trials regulation

Antimicrobial resistance a welcome EU priority

10 February 2016

With the veterinary medicinal products at an advanced stage, MEPs hold high expectations for what the Dutch presidency can deliver.

Nurses and patient care

More needs to be done to tackle the spread of antimicrobial resistance

9 February 2016

Effective infection control and the prudent use of antibiotics are key to controlling the spread of resistant bacteria in Europe's hospitals, argue ECDC's Andrea Ammon and Dominique Monnet.

Piernicola Pedicini

EU needs patient-centred approach to tackling AMR

9 February 2016

Educating patients is essential in the fight against antimicrobial resistance, but the pharmaceutical industry also has a role to play, writes Piernicola Pedicini.

Paul Nuttall against a Union Jack backdrop

Paul Nuttall: Ukip to play 'central role' in Brexit referendum

9 February 2016

Paul Nuttall warns British voters that they should be wary of the theatrics and drama of David Cameron's sham EU renegotiations.

school children using computer

Safer internet day: Education key to a better internet

9 February 2016

Ensuring that children and young teenagers stay safe online means teaching them how to critically assess the content they come across, say policymakers.

Aviva social media event

Social media just as important as traditional media platforms

8 February 2016

Social media is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore, said experts at a Parliament Magazine and Aviva panel discussion.

Piernicola Pedicini in the European parliament

EU Parliament can improve circular economy proposals

1 February 2016

Piernicola Pedicini is confident that the European Parliament can help enable the real uptake of a circular economy.

Picture of discarded bottle tops

Going full circle: The Fantastic Four talk circular economy

26 January 2016

The inside track on the new circular economy package, directly from the four European Commission Vice-Presidents and Commissioners that made it happen.

Simona Bonafe addressing the European Parliament

Circular economy requires new industrial model

25 January 2016

To successfully transition to a circular economy, Europe needs a 'resolute change of pace', says Simona Bonafè.

Angelique Delahaye

Food waste 'unacceptable' in this day and age, says MEP

14 January 2016

Angélique Delahaye talks to the Parliament Magazine about her landmark food waste amendment and why there is real added value in taking a European approach to tackle the issue.

Andrew Duff

'Facilitating coexistence': the endgame for Brexit

5 February 2016

Although the four Brexit elements may be welded together in the febrile imagination of the British Prime Minister, nothing connects them in a technical way, making the demands highly problematic, writes Andrew Duff.


Brexit: When there are no losers, there are no winners

2 February 2016

Layers of Eurospeak and smoke and mirrors cannot hide the paucity of change in Tusk's Brexit concessions, writes Denis MacShane.

An image of a China flag

For China, WTO market economy status is about more than just economics

2 February 2016

An EU refusal to grant China market economy status may impose unforeseen political costs on the EU, argue Yan Shaohua, and Song Xin.

European parliament

War and Peace - Perspectives for a peaceful planet

28 January 2016

The EU faces one of the toughest times of its history, and young people could have a pivotal role to play in improving the situation, writes Jasna Maric Krajacic.

Children sit on a school bench in Kobane, Syria, 2 March 2015.

Schooling helps Syria's refugee children maintain hope in the face of conflict

20 January 2016

The EU must provide continue to provide resources to help Syria's refugee children maintain access to schooling, says former MEP Mariela Baeva.

9 February 2016

Paul Nuttall warns British voters that they should be wary of the theatrics and drama of David Cameron's sham EU renegotiations.

8 February 2016

Paul Nuttall interview, Antimicrobial resistance, Muslim Integration, Mhealth, 5Qs with Konstadinka Kuneva, Safer Internet Day and more...

5 February 2016

Martin Schulz urges UK to stay in EU but raises concerns over emergency brake deal.

3 February 2016

UKIP leader calls David Cameron's strategy to secure further concessions 'humiliating' and 'pathetic'.

3 February 2016

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker tells European Parliament that the proposed EU reform package is a 'fair deal' for Britain.

16 December 2015

The EU is on the right track to attain its decarbonisation goals, but must do more to cut its road transport sector emissions, argues Samuel Maubanc.

2 December 2015

Armenia's abrupt political U-turn, clearly imposed by Moscow, has interrupted a number of promising legislative processes in the field of human rights.

2 December 2015

Look again at your home appliances as they can help tackle climate change and green the economy says Paolo Falcioni.

18 November 2015

Better enforcement of existing provisions, access to information and cooperation between member states are key to ensuring the fair mobility of workers, argues Denis Pennel.

17 November 2015

Antibiotic resistance poses a serious risk. Roxanne Feller of IFAH-Europe explains how the animal health industry’s considered and responsible approach plays a vital role in containing the threat.


17 December 2015

Although David Cameron and Donald Tusk have accepted that a deal will not be reached this year, it is now hoped that these discussions will pave the way for an agreement in February.

18 November 2015

The AFET committee heard German Minister for Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier talk on the fight against terrorism in light of the recent Paris attacks, Germany's "open border" policy and the situation in Syria and Ukraine.

12 November 2015

The 2015 launch of the Energy Infrastructure Forum took place on 9 and 10 November in the Copenhagen, Denmark. Please find further details below.

28 October 2015

Yesterday, European Commission's First Vice-President Frans Timmermans presented to EP Plenary the Commission’s work programme for 2016 entitled "No time for business as usual". Please find more details below.

16 October 2015

This week, in committee and plenary, the European Parliament discussed what the "Safe Harbour" ruling means for future data protection rules.