Tackling the savings gap: engagement and empowerment

This event, hosted by Catherine Stihler MEP, aims to launch the Aviva report into annual pension statements and provoke a debate on how the EU can help facilitate the provision of clear and timely information to EU citizen’s in time to allow them to prepare adequately for retirement, ending the inconsistent treatment of EU citizens and enabling people to take informed decisions about their retirement.

In 2010 Aviva published a research report on the gap between people’s expectations of what the value of their pension would be and what they might actually get. This report found a huge disparity between both the age at which European citizens get information on their pensions from the state and also the amount of information they receive.

Aviva has since commissioned a further report to deepen the analysis on EU citizen’s perspective of annual pension statements which has been carried out in a focus group format of 99 citizens in six different EU countries.


Thursday, 27 September, 2012 - 09:00 to 10:30
Members Salon, European Parliament Brussels
United Kingdom

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