Shedding light on the shadow of illicit trade

The traditional revenue streams of terrorist and organised crime groups have historically been drugs, arms and human trafficking. However, changing circumstances in consumer purchasing power have led some to, consciously or unconsciously, shift towards illicit goods such as car parts, medicines and cigarettes, which now represent the preeminent sources of finance for criminal activity.

This event looks at how organised crime groups are funding a range of criminal activities through illicit trade, and what action is needed from policymakers, law enforcement and businesses to discourage and eliminate illicit trade.

Some of the questions to be addressed include:

  • Key causes of illegal trade Illegal trade as a source of terrorism and modern-day slavery
  • How to stop the chain?
  • Who are the people behind the illegal trade?
  • What are consumers buying when they choose cheaper illegal products?
  • Rise of internet illegal sales
  • The vital role taxation policies can play in stopping organised crime


An event organised by The Parliament Magazine on behalf of JTI

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Date & time
Tuesday 15th November | 16:30-18:30 (Brussels Time)
European Parliament; Room A3E-2