Parliament Magazine: Food for thought, balancing agricultural interests in the EU-US Trade deal

The EU-US trading deal accounts for half the world’s GDP with over €2 billion traded in goods and services every day. This deep and beneficial trading relationship is expected to grow with the breakdown of trade barriers and the increase in exports of goods and services between the US and EU following the agreement on a new Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. This event will focus on the agricultural aspect of the TTIP agreement and how this will impact on the regulation of food production and agriculture on both sides of the Atlantic?

Key points for this discussion will include:

-How will mutual recognition of agricultural production and food safety standards impact both the EU and US?

-How will the EU and US accommodate differing levels of standards in certain agricultural processes?

-How will the TTIP agreement resolve contentious issues such as meat processing standards, the use of hormones in meat production, GMO’s, geographical indications and other related regulatory differences?

-Will all players be included in the policy making process concerning sanitary and phytosanitary issues?

-Will there be an effective framework in place to enforce agreed best practice once the agreement is in place?

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Date & time
11/02/2014 18:00:00 - 11/02/2014 18:00:00
Brewers of Europe office,
Rue Caroly 23-25 Brussels be