Next Generation Livestock Farming: What Drivers for Improved Health and Welfare?

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Today Europe’s livestock farmers are faced with a multitude of demands set out in the EU Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies, part of Europe's ambitious Green Deal.

Livestock farmers, young and old, have long been adopters of advanced tools and practices to improve efficiencies on their farms, while respecting animal health and welfare. They are invested in managing their impact on the environment. The growing use of innovative animal health solutions such as smart collars and electronic ear tags, 3D cameras, sensors and detection tools, are prime examples of progress towards improved animal husbandry, which anticipates animals’ needs, and supports more sustainable farming.

So how will EU policies affect the next generation of Europe's livestock farmers? What are their needs when it comes to delivering upon further improvements? Is the training and support foreseen by the EU adequate to secure their future in farming?
And what role can innovations for animal health and welfare play for the future of livestock farming?

Our keynote speaker and panelists will discuss these issues during our online event organised together with the Parliament Magazine.

Programme outline

Keynote: Louise O. Fresco - President Executive Board, Wageningen University & Research

What future for Gen Z livestock farmers?

Followed by Q&A

Panel discussion:

Precision technologies and policies: what drivers for improved health and welfare?


  • MEP Alexander Bernhuber, Environment Committee of the European Parliament
  • Tommy Heffernan, Veterinary Consultant and Educator
  • Rob Kelly, AnimalhealthEurope Board Member & Lead on New Technological Advances
  • Kerli Ats, Young farmer & CEO of the Estonian Farmers’ Federation
  • Roxane Feller, AnimalhealthEurope Secretary General

What you need to know

The webinar will be shown using Glisser. We recommend using Google Chrome to watch the webinar. Please note Internet Explorer is not supported.

Please note this event will be recorded and featured in an article of the Parliament Magazine


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Date & time
Thursday 17 June 2021, 14.00-15.30 CET