Divided by Europe: the UK nations and the EU referendum

Written by Charlie Jeffery on 18 January 2016

The EU referendum has the potential to divide opinion in the UK on national lines.

Feel the force

Written by Hans van Baalen on 22 December 2015

Uniting Europe’s Liberals will make them a force to be reckoned with, says Hans van Baalen, the new ALDE Party President.

Armenia constitutional referendum marred by massive violations

Written by Willy Fautré on 15 December 2015

On 6 December, a referendum on a thorough revision of the Armenian Constitution - not the mere amendments officially claimed - was marred by an unprecedented number of violations, writes Willy Fautré.

Peaceful and problem free?

Written by Tomáš Zdechovský on 11 December 2015

As the past has proven, there is no reason why Christians and Muslims cannot live together, writes Czech MEP Tomáš Zdechovský.

COP21: When Arnie came to town

Written by Ian Duncan on 9 December 2015

An old university connection led to a chance meeting in Paris with the Governator, writes Ian Duncan.

EU must balance cyber-security and right to privacy

Written by Tunne Kelam and Erping Zhang on 9 December 2015

The digital era has brought about both security and privacy concerns, but legislators must be careful not to infringe on people's right to information, write Tunne Kelam and Erping Zhang.

Right to safety must not come at the expense of other human rights

Written by Sarah Isal on 8 December 2015

Measures to prevent radicalisation must not become a license to discriminate, warns Sarah Isal.

Demons - or demonising?

Written by Brian Johnson on 27 November 2015

Yes, the fugitive Salah Abdeslam and other Paris attackers were Belgian, but to me, that doesn't justify Le Monde calling the country a "clearing house for jihadism" that risked becoming a fractious "nation without a state", writes Brian Johnson.

It’s time to put meat on the climate negotiating table

Written by Laura Wellesley on 25 November 2015

A global reduction in meat consumption could bring a quarter of the emissions reductions needed to meet the two degree target at which dangerous climate change can be avoided, writes Laura Wellesley.

Thrashing not swimming: Bombing Islamists in Syria won't stop terrorism

Written by Craig Murray on 18 November 2015

A reaction to events in Paris was inevitable. However, argues Craig Murray, are the actions being used to create an impression of an effective response?