Lord Ashdown: The EU helped build peace after war in Bosnia

Written by Lord Ashdown on 11 March 2016

Former High Representative in Bosnia & Herzegovina Lord Ashdown 'has seen the benefits of this international cooperation first hand' and writes that the EU 'is a massive soft power that helps to build peace after conflict'.

Apathy or participation - Engaging young people in politics

Written by Jasna Maric Krajacic on 11 March 2016

Could social media be the solution to engaging young people in politics, wonders Jasna Maric Krajacic.

How can we protect democracy from Islamic extremism?

Written by Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh on 24 February 2016

The best way to safeguard democracy against extremism is to provide the insights that empower policymakers to make informed decisions, argues Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh.

Brexit deal: David Cameron has converted himself into 'a modern-day Tony Blair'

Written by Denis MacShane on 22 February 2016

Have Brussels Eurocrats saved the UK from Brexit, or will Boris Johnson lead Britain out of Europe? Denis MacShane analyses the fallout from David Cameron's Brexit deal.

EU-India trade relations: bilateral agreements cannot count as success

Written by Madi Sharma on 15 February 2016

Europe has been neglecting India as a trading partner, but with China on the decline, now could be an ideal time to renew ties, argues Madi Sharma.

'Facilitating coexistence': the endgame for Brexit

Written by Andrew Duff on 5 February 2016

Although the four Brexit elements may be welded together in the febrile imagination of the British Prime Minister, nothing connects them in a technical way, making the demands highly problematic, writes Andrew Duff.

Brexit: When there are no losers, there are no winners

Written by Denis MacShane on 2 February 2016

Layers of Eurospeak and smoke and mirrors cannot hide the paucity of change in Tusk's Brexit concessions, writes Denis MacShane.

For China, WTO market economy status is about more than just economics

Written by Yan Shaohua and Song Xin on 2 February 2016

An EU refusal to grant China market economy status may impose unforeseen political costs on the EU, argue Yan Shaohua, and Song Xin.

War and Peace - Perspectives for a peaceful planet

Written by Jasna Maric Krajacic on 28 January 2016

The EU faces one of the toughest times of its history, and young people could have a pivotal role to play in improving the situation, writes Jasna Maric Krajacic.

Schooling helps Syria's refugee children maintain hope in the face of conflict

Written by Mariela Baeva on 20 January 2016

The EU must provide continue to provide resources to help Syria's refugee children maintain access to schooling, says former MEP Mariela Baeva.