EU-US privacy shield: Political challenges ahead

Written by Spiro Dhapi on 4 May 2016

The EU-US privacy shield is a step in the right direction, but is still likely to face considerable opposition from citizens and the ECJ, writes Spiro Dhapi.

Look to cities for answers to Europe's youth employment crisis

Written by Anna Lisa Boni on 5 April 2016

With three quarters of Europe's population living in urban areas, the problem of youth unemployment is concentrated in cities, but that may also be where the solution lies, writes Anna Lisa Boni.

CO2 footprint of food: Notion of 'seasons' all but obsolete

Written by Ian Duncan on 5 April 2016

Which strawberries have the higher carbon footprint, those grown in the blazing suns of Africa and jetted into Europe, or those grown in bleak midwinter albeit under glass and heated by local energy? The answer might surprise you, writes Ian Duncan.

Europe would be ideal trading partner for India

Written by Madi Sharma on 29 March 2016

As India enjoys continued growth and moves to modernise its infrastructure, it's time the EU relaunched trade negotiations with the country, writes Madi Sharma.

What is the EU?

Written by Brian Johnson on 16 March 2016

As the battle lines form in the UK ahead of June's Brexit referendum, Fact checking NGO Full Fact asked EU expert Eleanor Spaventa to explain what exactly the EU is and does, in 500 words. Here's what she came up with.

AfD victories in Germany show the country is following a European drift to the right

Written by Amandine Crespy on 15 March 2016

The triumph of the right-wing AfD in Germany's regional elections show that the country is no longer immune to the European trend towards nationalism, writes Amandine Crespy.

Lord Ashdown: The EU helped build peace after war in Bosnia

Written by Lord Ashdown on 11 March 2016

Former High Representative in Bosnia & Herzegovina Lord Ashdown 'has seen the benefits of this international cooperation first hand' and writes that the EU 'is a massive soft power that helps to build peace after conflict'.

Apathy or participation - Engaging young people in politics

Written by Jasna Maric Krajacic on 11 March 2016

Could social media be the solution to engaging young people in politics, wonders Jasna Maric Krajacic.

How can we protect democracy from Islamic extremism?

Written by Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh on 24 February 2016

The best way to safeguard democracy against extremism is to provide the insights that empower policymakers to make informed decisions, argues Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh.

Brexit deal: David Cameron has converted himself into 'a modern-day Tony Blair'

Written by Denis MacShane on 22 February 2016

Have Brussels Eurocrats saved the UK from Brexit, or will Boris Johnson lead Britain out of Europe? Denis MacShane analyses the fallout from David Cameron's Brexit deal.