There is nothing 'hard' about Brexit

Written by Jayne Adye on 23 November 2016

Brexit will allow the UK to look globally in terms of trade, while simultaneously being good neighbours with the EU, writes Jayne Adye.

ShiFt happens, but it's not always good science

Written by Christopher J. Borgert on 10 October 2016

Scientific revolutions may be on the horizon, but most of this shift isn't credible science or a step forward, argues Christopher J. Borgert.

Loss of UK MEPs an opportunity to enhance European Parliament's democratic legitimacy

Written by Andrew Duff on 1 September 2016

Brexit may well provide an unintentional boost to EU Federalist hopes of running pan-European transnational party lists at the 2019 European elections, writes Andrew Duff.

Nato and cyber-attacks: Time to raise our game

Written by Jens Stoltenberg on 29 July 2016

They may be invisible, but every day our countries face attacks in cyber-space. Nato is adapting to this increasing threat, writes Jens Stoltenberg.

Everything you need to know about Article 50 (but were afraid to ask)

Written by Andrew Duff on 5 July 2016

Most people will have never read a single article of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) before they stumbled recently across Article 50.

Brexit: EU urgently needs new treaty

Written by Henri Malosse on 1 July 2016

The Brexit referendum should be seen as an opportunity to reform Europe and place citizens at the heart of decision making, says Henri Malosse.

Why did Bookmakers favour a Brexit Remain victory?

Written by Khalid Ali on 29 June 2016

In a two-horse race the odds overwhelmingly favoured Remain, so why did the betting industry still predict that the vote would be close? Khalid Ali explains.

India needs UK in EU for strong business ties

Written by Madi Sharma on 23 June 2016

As India strives to become a global super power, its economic ties with the UK would be seriously weakened in case of Brexit, says Madi Sharma.

World Refugee Day: EU member states must maintain their position as the champions of refugee protection

Written by Denis Haveaux on 20 June 2016

World Refugee Day: The large influx of refugees should not be used as an excuse to soften improvements to the EU's asylum laws, writes Denis Haveaux.

Greater action needs to be taken to protect women in Pakistan

Written by Madi Sharma on 13 June 2016

In the wake of recommendations by Pakistan's constitutional religious body that a husband can "lightly beat" his wife to ensure her obedience, Madi Sharma argues that the EU must take steps to compel the country's leaders to implement laws that protect women against violence.